UK Certified Workshop In Jolly Phonics

Phonics for Kids

Phonics for Kids

UK Certified Workshop In Jolly Phonics

What is Jolly Phonics:

Jolly Phonics Program is a multi-sensory, active and specifically designed for young children.

With Jolly Phonics, the children are not just taught the alphabets sounds but all the 42 main letter sounds and how they are written.

Phonics for Kids

Phonics for Kids

Children are taken through stages of blending sounds together to form words and then on to reading.

Children are taught to write by listening for the sounds in spoken words and identifying the letters corresponding to those sounds.


Teaching Program has been divided into primarily 5 Basic Skills, each of which has its own subdivided sections:

  1. Learning the letter sounds (42 sounds).
  2. Learning the letter formations.
  3. Reading / Blending.
  4. Identifying the sounds in Words.
  5. Tricky Words.

Teaching Aids:

– Flash Card Presentation

– Games

– Exercises

– Role Plays

– Question and Answer Sessions.

This program will help students in the following ways :

Students can start their own Phonics Classes.

They can also start other activities for kids below 7 years.

Very easy to get jobs in Nursery as the demand for Phonetics is very high and comparatively teachers are very few.

Very well high paying and satisfying activity to take up part time or full time.



Chief Trainer and Director Jigna Dharod who is a only Jolly Phonic Trainer in India who has been Certified by 3 Reputed World Wide Phonics Institute : Jolly Phonics UK, September 21, Singapore and ICE Australia and is a top scorer with A+ distinction in Jolly Phonics World Wide Examination held in Singapore 2012.

Course Content:

  1. Teachers Book
  2. Pupil Book 1,2 & 3
  3. UK Certification.

For Further details call back Jigna Dharod at 9967316663

Phonics for Kids Phonics for Kids Phonics for Kids Phonics for Kids

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