Crystal Therapy


                                                 includes Auras and Chakras Healing


In this workshop you will learn what are the different types of crystals their powers and how they can be used in various amazing ways.
With the power of Crystals you can do almost anything, some of the benefits are as follows:
You can open your 7 Chakras, Clean your aura, so that all the things start coming to you easily and effortlessly.
Crystals are also very useful in numerous problems like
Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Digestion, Piles the disease are countless which you can easily cure with regular else of crystals.
Also usage of different crystals brings you Luck, Success, Money, Health, Love, great Relationships.

You will Learn:

• What are crystals and how they work.
• How to scan the human aura
• How to scan Chakras
• How to clear the Aura and Chakras with crystals and energize and balance them.
• How to clear your space with crystals
• How to cleanse your crystals
• How to recharge your crystals
• How to program your crystals to work for you
• Crystal meditation
• Crystal layouts on human body
• How to use your crystal wands to clear and energize yourself and others
• Wearing crystals
• Enhancing meditation with crystals
• Crystal layouts for mental and emotional balance
• How to create crystal grids around the human body
• How to create energy grids in rooms with crystals
• Making crystal and gem waters
• Facial self – massage with crystalsCrystal Therapy includes Auras and Chakras Healing
• Crystals with anti- aging and beauty enhancing properties and how to work with them
• Uses and placement of crystal clusters and geodes
• Effects of shapes in polished crystals
• How different polished and shaped crystals have different healing powers

Topics Covered in This Workshops are:
1. Crystal Therapy
2. Chakra Therapy
3. Aura Therapy
4. Cleansing of Black Magic and Negative Energies
5. Photographic Healing
6. Distance Healing
7. Connection of Crystals and Numerology
8. Various Grids including Prosperity, Love, Health etc.
9. Angels and Crystals
10. Crystal Vastu
11. Pendulum Dowsing
12. Manifesting with Crystals

Course: 4 days. Fees: 6000/- (includes 500/- worth Crystal set)

“Remember one thing the Difference between YOU and SUCCESS is your Phone Call” – Parrin Dharod