NUMEROLOGY – world of numbers

Numerology is a part of Astrology. However numbers have played a very important role in the human life. It is a way to gain greater insights and understanding into your inner being and your true nature. It tells you how certain numbers align to you and taking those numbers you can really change your destiny. In short it helps you to cultivate your Strengths and overcome your Weaknesses.


Numerology also plays a very important role specially in Match making for Marriage and for having perfect and harmonious Business Partnerships.

Course Content:

Understanding each and every date from 1 to 31 in accordance to planets connected to it.

  1. Finding out True nature of a person and in accordance give them the best therapy available.
  2. To select right kind of Jobs, Ideal Businesses that a person can go into to get maximum output and results and most important Job Satisfaction.
  3. Associating to Date of Birth to find out the Persons: Lucky Colors, Lucky Dates, Lucky Crystals and Gemstones, Lucky Days and Months.
  4. Name Analyzing and Remedies with Correction.
  5. Cell Phone Number, Email id Correction.
  6. Wheel of Fortune helping you to identify important years of your life.
  7. Pyramid Numerology to find out answers to any questions being asked by your Client like in Tarot or Crystal Ball.
  8. Finding out Optimum Names for new Child Birth, Company Formation, Partnership Firm taking all partners birth dates, Brand Name of Products, Car Numbers, Flat No etc. in accordance to Date of Birth of every Individual.


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Program Details: 2 days.

Content: Detailed notes with and ISO Certification.

Fees:  6000/-

Numerology Workshop

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