Mudra Therapy

Mudra Therapy

A Mudra is a Symbolic or Ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. While some Mudras involve the entire body, most of them are performed with the hands and fingers.

Mudras are arm and hand positions used in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism for Treating and Curing various Ailments of our life.Mudra Therapy

Mudras very powerful and if you practice them on a  regularly you can see wonderful Health, Wealth and Relationships benefits.

There are Gyan Mudras which is very important for all children as this Mudra can help to sharpen their mind, increases focus and concentration levels. Cools your brain and improves your Grasping Powers at the same  time extremely good for Adults to bring in Psychic and Intution Powers.

You will Learn:

  1. Mudras for Curing General Medical Issues like Headache, Migraine, Gas, Acidity, Leg Pains, Sexual Problems, Digestion Issues, Body Aches.
  2. Mudras for Curing Acute Pains like Gynac, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Spondalises, Back Pain, Asthma, Heart Attack and many more sensitive issues.
  3. Mudras for opening and balancing 7 Chakras and grounding it properly with Earth.
  4. Advance Mudras such as “KUBER” Mudra for Prosperity & Growth, Relationship Healing including finding a right partner, Overall Good luck, Removing of unwanted Spell casting, Psychic Attacks or Black Magic etc.

You need to just perform this Mudras every day for at least 15 minutes and you can see Miraculous results in a few days time only.

The good part of  Mudras is that you don’t need to get into any Meditative State wherever you are you can use Mudras while watching TV, Travelling in Train or Bus etc. wherever you feel comfortable.mudras

We would only request you that before you join any other trainer do call us and we are sure to satisfy all your needs.

Program Details: 1 day.

Content: Detailed notes.

 Fees:  3000/-.

“Remember one thing the Difference between YOU and SUCCESS is your Phone Call” – Parrin Dharod