Crystal Ball Gazing



Crystal Ball Gazing is a very scared and an Ancient art of Fortune Telling only known to the Merlin’s and Wizards and there after passed to the Nomads and Gypsies which became their daily 636

After years of this Secret Knowledge it was finally passed on to the Civilized World and in the early Century around 1450 a very famous person leaped up in France “NOSTRODOMUS” a person who was able to predict 500 years in Advance just by Gazing into a Crystal Ball.

His predictions were very very accurate and not only for individuals but for different Countries and world as a whole as he was able to predict forthcoming events with 100% success ratio.

There is a very famous movie called “Man Who Saw Tomorrow” on his name, wherein he has predicted a lot about famous people, major events like World War1 and 2 and many extraordinary events which at that time were impossible to believe but they happened over a period of years.

I am not him but making a little effort to follow his foot path and help and guide you in learning this Amazing Mystic Art of Crystal Ball Gazing.

We would be covering the course in 5 Modules :

  1. Charging and Programming the Crystal Ball with your Energies.
  2. Connecting to the Ball whereby talking to it and welcoming the Crystal Spirit so that it can guide you in your Readings.
  3. Answering Questions of the Client by Gazing in the Crystal Ball.
  4. A little knowledge about the do’s and don’ts while working with Crystal Ball.
  5. Meanings of Colors seen or any Image, Symbols or Numbers seen in the Ball.


We would only request you that before you join any other trainer do call us and we are sure to satisfy all your needs.


Program Details: 1 day. 

Content: Approx 1.5kg Crystal Ball, Study Notes and ISO Certification

Fees:  7500/-.


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