Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Magic of Colors

How Color Effect us???

Physical color in the environment affects our moods, relationships and well being. Magic of Colors
As a tool for healing, color can be gazed at, beamed as healing light, meditated on, bathed in, worn, used in art and in ritual such as candle magic and painting.

The colors you wear and see in your surroundings have a huge but perhaps largely subconscious effect on your moods, actions and mental emotional states of being and function.

Marketing experts, psychologists, advertisers and designers have long used color to affect us directly. The color in your surroundings has amazing power to affect your moods and decisions.

The packaging on anything you buy has had the color scheme carefully worked out to encourage you to buy it. Restaurant color themes are often designed around appetite promoting colors such as reds and oranges and colors designed to effect how long you will want to stay in the particular room depending on the kind of turnover they need. The colors of your food can increase or destroy your appetite.

We can use color as a tool to create wellness and contentment to incite passion or anger, to calm and soothe, to express frivolity or seriousness. The use of color has a profound effect on our emotions.

Magic of Color with Colour Therapy

Color Therapy :

There are basically 3 primary colors : Red, Blue and Yellow.

From these primary colors we can make number of secondary colors which then combined with other secondary colors make a huge range of color spectrum.

Colors with a blue tinge are called cool, colors with a red tinge are called warm. Warm colors tend to make things look near and cool colors create distance.

When working with colored stones you may hold them,  gaze upon them, lay them on a chakra or other place of need, meditate with them and use any method of working with the crystals that feels appropriate to you.

Pay attention to the colors that attract you and take notice of any colors that  you strongly dislike as well. If it is a muddy color you dislike then it’s probably just that you dislike an inharmonious shade . Sometimes the colors you dislike can indicate areas where you are rejecting aspects of your personality or where there are blockages.


Various ways of healing with colors:

  1. Rainbow Sets
  2. Complements, colors opposite each other on the color wheel : red and green, blue and orange, violet and yellow.
  3. Analogous, Colors next to each other on the color wheel.
  4. Combinations like Red, blue, yellow , or  orange, green ,violet  that are equidistant from each other  are common combinations.

People also often choose to work with sets of colors associated with the elements  or with color sets significant in a culture or tradition.

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Color Therapy

Program Details: 1 day. 

Content: Detailed Study Notes with ISO Certification.

Fees:  4500/-.

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