Candle Magik

Candle Magik


Using Candles as Therapy has been around for thousands of years, and has been practiced by nearly every religion from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks to the present day. The candle flame provides a focus and candle therapy can be used to unite the powers of mind, body and light.

Candles have been used in proclamations and processions, celebrations and ceremonies. Candle light creates an almost hypnotic and tranquil atmosphere that allows the mind to drift off into a very special place or retreat away from the pressures of the daily life.

A candle can act as a reflection of ourselves as to what we are and helps us to bring positive changes in our life. It acts as a reminder and a symbol of our burning desires and wishes. It activates the subconscious mind to take over and allow a force much more powerful than we are to give us guidance in our daily life.

Lighting of candles along with oils, herbs and crystals can be used for visualization and spell casting therapies also. It plays a very important role in Color Therapy also as while burning color candles you intake those color energies in you.

You should never blow out a candle as it offends the fire element and the spirits hence always extinguish the candle with the sniffer.
Candle Magik

Course Content:

  1. Activate your Subconscious Mind.
  2. Release of Blocked Energies from your Body as well as from Ethric Field around you.
  3. Cord Cutting Techniques.
  4. 7 Days Manifestation Techniques.
  5. White Spells for Money Attraction, Protection, Love, Relationship Healing, Career Growth etc.

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Program Details: 1 day. 

Content: Detailed Study Notes with Candle, Crystal Kit, ISO Certification

 Fees:  3000/-.


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