Rune Casting

Rune Casting


The Runes are an old alphabet from ancient Scandinavia. They are simple 24 signs and all are formed out of straight lines. Around the time of the Roman Empire runes were carved on wood with knife. Thus the runes are all made up of straight lines and all sharp cuts with no curves in them.Rune Casting

Like all ancient languages the runes have mystic associations. The runes are magical symbols that convey the story of creation, life, destruction, and rebirth, and these forces constantly occur on many levels of being.

They were considered sacred and said to originate from the ancient god Odin. Odin was the chief god of the Vikings.

According to myth, Odin wounded and in pain, hung himself upside down on the Tree of the world for nine nights until the runes were reveled to him. He then brought them with him to mankind. In the Tarot deck also Odin is represented as a Hanged Man.

At one time the Runes were a language and used for communication, but like most ancient languages they have a sacred and ceremonial purpose as well, Each letter has a meaning and these can be used for divination.

Runes are found all over Europe. Sometimes they are memorial stones. They stand on graves with the names of those who have died. One such stone is the Danish King’s memorial to his wife. Runes were carved on caskets and gold rings, they were on ornaments and even on coins.

Runic alphabets begins with six letters F, U, TH, A, R, K and because of this they are called Futhark. However with time the alphabet changed depending on where they were used. Casting the runes was always a sacred ritual, done before the alter of some god along with lamps, incense and spells.

Runes were thought to protect and guard. Warriors wore the rune Tir for safety in battle. Lovers wore runes to attract their beloved. Married people wore runes to save their marriage. Runes were carved on doors to safeguard the home. Farmers used runes to keep their livestock safe.

Course Content:runes

  1. Complete Indepth study of all 25 Runes (straight and reverse meanings)
  2. 10 Spreads including Solution Spreads.
  3. Connection of Runes with Tarot.

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Program Details: 3 days.

Content: Detailed notes with Rune Set. ISO Certification

 Fees:  7500/-.


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